Whether you are planning an end of year extravaganza or a Christmas concert - here are some Top TIps for Putting on a Concert 
Here at MWC we’ve run hundreds of events, and we’ve noticed there are some common considerations and practicalities that need to be cleared up for things to go smoothly. 
We’d like to share our top tips on getting the most out of your concert. 
Follow our checklist and you can be confident it will all be ‘alright on the night!’ 

The Music Workshop Company's Concert Planning Checklist 

Consider the dates of other local events such as other school or music hub concerts or concerts by local amateur groups. Many musical children may be involved in more than one music group, and your audience can’t be in two places at once. 
Think about the space you will use. Is the performance space big enough? Will there need to be lots of changes to the stage set up or can moving of instruments / chairs / stands be minimised by using different parts of the stage / performance area for each ensemble? 
If you have several groups performing, where will the performers be when they are not on stage? Will they sit in the audience (if so, do they need reserved seating?) or will there be a "Green room" for them to wait in? 
Do consider how much space there is for audience members - be sure to plan the space for the audience to ensure fire exits are not blocked, there aisles are wide enough for access and consider sight-lines so people can see the performers. 
Think about how parents, friends and supporters will book tickets. Will they buy them in person at the school office, through a printed booking form, a contact form on the school website or through an event website? The easier you can make it for people to get their tickets, the more likely they are to come. Do ensure that people can book wheelchair spaces if needed. 
Consider refreshments for the event. Can you get sponsorship from a local business for drinks and snacks, or will a local café or pub come in and run the catering for you? Perhaps you can ask for volunteers to help run a drinks table or add a small cost onto the ticket to include a glass of wine or a soft drink. 
If having refreshments, do consider where they will be served. If they are served in the same room as the performance, ensure all set up is done before the event to avoid distracting background noises when the performance is taking place. If the refreshments are served in another room, ensure there is enough time for people to move around and get served in the time available. Would it be helpful to audience members to pre-book refreshments? 
Will you use the event as a chance to fundraise for the school or community group? Fundraising can be done through selling tickets, asking for donations, collection buckets, selling programmes, selling advertising space in the programme or even selling school merchandise. If you’re asking for donations or sponsorship, make sure the fundraising clearly benefits the performers. You could use the money raised to buy new equipment for the music or performing arts department, or even to cover the costs of a tour. 
Do you have enough parking for all the audience members? If not, could you encourage car sharing, use the school mini bus to collect people, or see if a local taxi firm or mini bus company will provide transport as a form of sponsorship? 
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