Why not create a fantastic group activity with these Top Tips for building junk percussion Samba instruments. Make and decorate your instruments then use them to make music! 
• Create ganza shakers out of used plastic bottles: Ensure the inside of the bottle is dry then add some dried rice, lentils or pasta. Make sure the top is secured tightly before shaking. Alternatively stick 2 plastic cups together with beads inside 
• To make a panderio or tambourine, stick two paper plates together with the base of the plates facing outwards, then make holes along the edges and tie on jingle bells or circles of tin foil 
• Tamborims (small drums) can be made out of round plastic tubs such as those that contained potato salad or coleslaw. Make sure the tubs are clean before use and decorate them for a Carnival feel! 
• Larger drums such as repinique can be made out of plastic chocolate tubs 
• For Surdo drums, use large plastic dustbins 
• Create scrapers using grooved plastic bottles 
• For beaters use chopsticks or driftwood 
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